How to Get Used Cheap Tires

Cheap Tires

Have you ever had to buy used cheap tires? I sure have, many times. when you're short of cash and can't afford to get brand new tires it's the only option. In fact, right now as I type this I have used cheap tires on my car. And I might add they're holding up very nicely.

Step 1

Cracks in tire

You need to be careful when you buy used cheap tires and inspect them closely. You're looking for at least 50% good tread life left. You also need to look for small cracks from getting dried up in the sun if they haven't been used in a while. Also look at the sidewall for scrapes and look for plugs from where it was possibly flat before. Make sure you ask them to submerge tires in water and look for air bubbles which mean LEAKS!

Then there's another kind of bubble which you can feel or even see if you inspect properly. It comes from hitting holes, messed up belts and driving with low tires. The tire in unsafe and what causes the bubble is air pressure that pushes it out making it swell.

Step 2

Custom wheels

That takes care of the inspection aspect now on to where to find these good used cheap tires. One of the best places is custom wheel shops. The kind of guys who are into cars buy the best tires for their cars. So, when they come in and get new tires they usually still have really good tires on their rides. They also have fancy wheels and you know they can't have fancy wheels and old tires can they?

Step 3

Swap Meet

Another great place for good used cheap tires is auto swap meets and auto flea markets. It does take time to check these places out, but once you do then you're set. The good thing about these guys is you can usually talk them down, they expect it so don't worry. You can also pick up other items while you're there, it's amazing what you can find at the swap meet. I love going to these things!

Step 4

Junk Yard

The next place you can look for some good cheap tires is the junk yard. They have all kinds of vehicles that have been wrecked, but the tires are in great shape. One way to do this is to call using the yellow pages and ask if they have your tire size or just go out there and rummage around looking for good deals.

Step 5


You can also find good used tires in your local classifieds or wheels and deals magazines. Sometimes you can even find them in neighborhood papers with yard and garage sales. These people are looking to get rid of all their stuff fast so you might come upon a real bargain.

Step 6

Flat tire shop

The last place is one of those get your flat tires fixed cheap places. They come in handy if your tire just blew or is simply not fixable. They have tires for $15 or less and they usually come with a 30 day guarantee. So, if it's a dud you can bring it back.

This is an emergency place like a tire hospital and will do to get you by and back on the road. They do have good used cheap tires you just need to make sure you do the inspection part really good. I have bought many tires from these places and they have always been good.

If you ever need to get used cheap tires now you know where to go.