How to Buy Shares in Leeds United

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The Leeds United Football Club creates a uniquely challenging opportunity for anyone who wishes to buy shares in the company. The football team is still very active, and the company is still technically listed on the London Stock Exchange. However, shares do not actively trade at this time. Fans and shareholders have mixed feelings, with some feeling that their old Leeds United shares are worthless, while others want to capitalize on this opportunity by buying up all of the old shares for virtually nothing. It is entirely possible that these shares will begin trading at any time, so many speculators like to take the risk of buying up shares that can be sold for an instant profit when the football club begins trading again. If you think that shares in Leeds United can compliment your investment strategy, follow these steps to learn how to be these hard to find shares.


Step 1

Open an account with any online stock trading service that has access to the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Scottrade and eTrade are both good options for accessing companies that are traded on the LSE index. You can also use a traditional stockbroker, but it is typically cheaper and easier to just buy the shares yourself on the Internet (see Resources below).


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Step 2

Fund the account that you opened. If you have an existing account with funds already in it, you can skip to the next step. Otherwise, follow the instructions provided by the stock trading website to add funds to your account. Bank transfers, ACH deposits and checks are the most common methods of adding money to your account. This is an essential step, since you need to have money in your account to be able to buy shares.


Step 3

Create a buy order for LUFC. Creating this buy order tells the system to automatically buy a specific number of shares whenever it begins to trade at a rate that you decide. You will want to set up this buy order for LUFC, which is the stock ticker symbol for the Leeds United Football Club. By setting up this buy order, your stock account will be programmed to automatically by shares as soon as trading resumes. Now you can move on to trying to capture existing shares.



Step 4

Write to Companies House and request a copy of the registry for Leeds United PLC. This is the Public Limited Company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The registry of shareholders should be public information that is available to anyone. Send an offer to buy shares from each of these shareholders. Many of these shareholders will sell their shares in Leeds United for next to nothing, providing you with an opportunity to have a big payday when shares begin trading again.


It is also a good idea to search for message boards that cater to fans of Leeds United. Many of these fans will have shares in the company that they will be willing to sell if you post an offer to buy (see Resources below).


Any investment involves a degree of risk. Buying up shares in a company that has suspended trading has the potential for a big pay off, but also has a larger degree of risk than normal. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.



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