Cheap & Easy Wart Removal Treatment

Treatment and removal of warts can be tough to do. Wart removal medicine takes a long time and a lot of work. Freeze-Off type medicines are expensive and may not work. Doctors can usually get rid of them, but again they are an expensive option. I've found a method that's inexpensive and works most of the time.


Step 1

This uses very cold dry-ice and if you do it wrong, you can give yourself frost-bite or scar your skin. This method has worked very well for me and other family members in the past. If you choose to do it, you're solely responsible for any complications/scars etc. You've been warned.


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Step 2

The first thing you are going to want to do is set up a clean area to sit down and work at. Clean your tools to remove any germs or dirt. Clean the wart and the area around it as well. If the wart has a thick layer of skin build-up, then use an emery board or the like to gently remove the outer thick layer. Don't go deep, just get the outside layer off.


Step 3

Now that your tools and the wart are clean and ready, use the needle-nose pliers to break off a triangular chunk of dry ice. You want a piece with corners about the same size as the wart. Might take a few tries to find the perfect sized piece for your wart.

Step 4

Holding the triangular piece in the pliers, hold the corner of the dry ice to the top of the wart. DO NOT touch the dry ice to any of the surrounding skin. This is why it's best if the dry ice corner is approximately the same size as the wart. Hold the dry ice onto the wart for about 15 seconds. If you feel pain or burning, STOP.


Step 5

The wart will turn whitish in color and perhaps have a layer of frost on it. The wart is frozen -- now you will want to use your scraping tool to GENTLY scrape the wart off. It may or may not come completely off. This is ok.


Step 6

You may need to repeat the steps a couple times to get most of the wart off. Remember: It shouldn't be painful. If there is pain, something isn't right... STOP.


Step 7

When you are done, the wart should be mostly or completely gone. Give it a few days to a week and USUALLY what's left will shrink away and vanish for good. There may be some discoloration where the wart was, this will usually go away in time.

Step 8

That's it. Cheap method for killing warts. One block of dry ice can treat several people multiple times.


Dry ice (frozen CO2) can be purchased at places like Safeway... but you have to be 18+ years old. Dry ice is very cheap. It usually costs me about 5 dollars for a few pound brick.

Things You'll Need

  • One block of dry ice, available from various supermarkets.

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • A flat item to scrape gently (old credit card, etc.)


Dry-ice is very, very, very cold. Do not handle with bare hands, it will "bite" you and give you a frostbite burn. Clean your tools well. You don't want to introduce germs or any dirt into your body. If you feel pain or burning, STOP. You should only feel a slight sensation of pressure/coolness on the wart. If you feel pain, it means you're killing healthy living tissue and asking for a scar/infection.

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