Best Places to Hide Money

Most people keep a cash stash around the house that can range from pocket change to considerable sums of money. It's nice to have some money on hand for emergencies or little extras. Finding truly safe places to hide your bucks can be a real challenge, since the people who are out there trying to steal money know a lot more about hiding it than most of the rest of us do. So where do we begin? With a little inventiveness and creative thinking, we can outwit the crooked pros.


There are a lot of dead wrong ideas out there about the perfect places to hide your money around the house. The Internet is full of ideas but many of them are so well known now that they wouldn't fool anyone. Forget the back of the toilet, under the kitty litter, behind a picture or inside an old sock. Taping your cash under the drawers of a bureau, folding it and wrapping it in tin foil in the freezer and hiding it inside the canister in a Ziploc baghave also been done too many times to be effective. Since there are a million ideas that you shouldn't use floating around out there, you need to understand that anywhere that is immediately accessible is not likely to be a choice spot.


To keep cash safe, you will need to go to a bit of trouble to hide it. To outwit a burglar, you need to think like a burglar. What are they doing this for? They want money that they didn't have to work for themselves, so they're looking for cash and items that are portable and worth a lot. Their second priority is not getting caught so they have to get inside your home and out as quickly as possible. So their real objective is to get something quick and easy for nothing at your expense. So whatever takes too long, is too much trouble or is just too cleverly hidden to be readily found is going to be left behind. Think of where you live and how much time someone could spend in your home without detection. If your house is isolated they will not be as hurried as they would in a home with close and active neighbors. The more time is on the side of the crooks, the more inventive you need to be.


Think of the concept of divide and conquer when it comes to your stash of cash. If you put it all in one place and it's found, you're in rough shape. If you divide it up and hide it separately, there will be a much smaller chance of losing it all. Most of the time, if burglars find a stash they will assume that that's it. Of course, it has to seem like a reasonable amount of cash for them to stop looking. If you're in a half-million dollar home, you won't foil anyone with fifty bucks. Use common sense and make your decoy believable. Put it in a semi-hidden place like under the cookies in the canister or taped under a dresser drawer. That way it will look like you've tried to hide it.


Another good way to foil the crooks is to give them false information. Put an envelope in a drawer marked 'Safety Deposit Box' and write a nice long list of things that are in this fake box. Things like "Mom's pearls," "silver dollar collection," and so on. Then add a note about "Cash for vacation" or "Emergency traveling money for John." Make the list logical for the home and neighborhood you live in -- make it believable. Finding this, the crook will realize that anything worth anything has been locked up in the back where it belongs and it may deter her. Add this to the fake stash of cash that was easy to find and the burglar may well think that he has hit a house where the people were really careful about everything they own and they may not look quite so hard for anything else.


With all of that being said, now you need to know where the good hiding places are in your home. These places may surprise you because they're not all that easy to use. That is what makes them work, however. Think of where a burglar won't go to look for valuables first. Most people wouldn't trust children with money, so a child's room is a great choice. Hide your money - not all of it in one place, again - inside a child's toy. To keep it safe from the child, hide it well.Tape it inside a big box of blocks, a toy oven or fridge, or inside one of their books. Most burglars would not bother with a young child's room. In a nursery, tape is under the baby's mattress or inside the diaper holder. An attic also affords wonderful hiding places - if it's not so easy to get into. If you have to pull down the ladder gizmo or drag a ladder to the cutout hole in the ceiling, it's a pretty safe bet that a crook isn't going to go there. Under the insulation is perfect. You can also hide money inside a box of Christmas decorations or in the fake tree's box.


Think about your carpeting as a good hiding place. If you have wall to wall carpet, pull it away from the wall in a place you won't forget and stash some of your money there. The carpet will tuck easily back under the molding and this will not show. If you have a really big area rug you can tape it to the underside of it. Small rugs can be overturned easily, so they are out - think about what would be too time-consuming, and your thinking will be on track. A throw pillow is a good place to put money if you don't mind having to cut the seam and restitch it. Slit the foam insert or separate the filler and put the cash inside, and then stitch it closed again so that no one can see the seam. You can cut open a seam in anything - a heavy winter coat or a chair pad. Just make sure you don't hide something in anything the crook may want, such as a fur coat or a man's expensive cashmere coat.


Think about what you own that would be totally unappealing to most burglars. Do you have an old huge monitor for a computer laying around - hide it inside there or in a small cheap TV. Don't put it in any good electronics, though because they're the first things crooks usually grab as they have great resale value. Do you have a pile of junk in the basement? Think about one item you can stash in the middle of it like an old flat basketball you can slit easily or inside one of a great many paint cans or cans of odd nails and screws. Inside the dead space of a washer, dryer, or hot water heater is good if you are handy enough to do this safely. Fake wall switches and plugs are still a good ruse as long as they look real enough. Always think about places that are not so easily accessed, not so convenient. Burglars know that most people are willing to go to all kinds of extremes for the sake of convenience and this is what makes their job so very easy. To stump them, skip the convenience and look for a solution that takes a little time and work and you'll come up with lots of good hiding places. To learn more about foiling the plans of the bad guys, visit the URL listed below.