How to Hide Money in a Car

How to Hide Money in a Car. Whether at home or on the road, keeping a bit of extra cash handy for emergencies is never a bad idea. However, while having extra money on hand can help you out in a pinch, it can also make you a target for a burglar. So it's important to know where the best hiding places are.


Step 1

Get tricky, as burglars are known to steal anything from extra clothes to spare tires, but rarely steal garbage. Roll up your bills and place them inside of a balloon, tying a knot an inch or two from the top. Carefully slip the balloon into the empty oil can and pull the lip of the balloon around the lip of the can so that the balloon dangles. Screw the cap onto the oil can lid, holding the balloon firmly in place and out of sight.


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Step 2

Keep money in other objects which burglars aren't likely to steal, such as old, battered children's toys, or even hollow, squeaky dog toys. Just make sure that the object is well tattered and that the money can be placed inside without leaving signs of tampering. Place the toy under a seat as if it rolled underneath and was forgotten.


Step 3

Hide money in your car's glove compartment, often considered the last place to keep money, but a great place to keep maps. Like garbage, a burglar will rarely steal a well-worn and tattered road map, particularly if it is from another state. Open the map and tape an envelope with money into the center so that it cannot fall out, fold up the map and put it back in the glove box.



Step 4

Take the time to hide larger sums of money inside the console of your car, full of lots of nooks and crannies for hiding your cash. Most car consoles or parts of it can be removed with just a screwdriver. Place your money inside of an envelope and tape it down securely before replacing the console. While this is not a convenient option, it is certainly secure, as few thieves will be willing to take the time to remove the console.

Things You'll Need

  • Empty oil can

  • Balloon

  • Hollow children's or pet toys

  • Old maps

  • Envelopes

  • Tape

  • Screwdriver

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