How to Price Match at Walmart to Save the Most Money

President Barack Obama in a Walmart.
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Walmart has everyday low prices. That's the corporate tag line, at any rate. To back up its claim, the company offers to match prices on items you find at other stores if they are lower than Walmart's price. In effect, that means you can take advantage of the sale prices offered by any number of different places all at one store.

Step 1

Gather your sale flyers and find the best deals. Make a list of the deals you want, noting the item, the price and the store. For example: You might find that romaine lettuce sells for 49 cents a pound at Safeway; an 8-oz. box of Cheerios for $1 at Albertsons; and Aquafresh toothpaste for $1.50 at CVS.

Step 2

Know Walmart's price matching policies. For example, meat and produce must have the exact wording in order to get a price match. And be aware that your cashier may well need to call a manager over to successfully price match it.

"Buy One Get One Free" sales are not honored unless the ad also states the price (such as two for $5).

Walmart will not price match a percentage off -- for example, all L'oreal products at 30 percent off.

Step 3

Research your particular store as some policies vary from store to store. Ask at Customer Service whether the store you are in matches specials that require a customer loyalty card, honors competitors' coupons or matches store brand to store brand.

Step 4

Go to your Walmart with the sale flyers. Most stores require them.

Step 5

Gather your products in your cart and bring them to the front. Ask the supervisor which cashier would be best for price matching. Every cashier should be able to do it, but that's in an ideal world. If you find the best cashier, it will make everything run smoother.

Step 6

If you have items that are not to be price matched, place them on the belt first. Place your items to be price matched together last on the conveyor belt. As the cashier takes each item to be price matched, tell him the price to be matched. Sometimes the cashier will ask from which store the price was taken. Your list will come in handy for this. Be prepared to hand over the pertinent ad to the cashier.

Step 7

Walmart will accept coupons even on items that are price-matched. So, if you use coupons in addition to this method you could conceivably save 90 percent on your grocery bill.


If you have a problem price matching, offer to call Walmart's corporate offices at 1-800-WALMART to determine what the proper rules are. Do this while you are standing at the register in the middle of your transaction. This will get the most positive outcome.