How to Get a High Credit Limit Credit Card

Get a High Credit Limit Credit Card

For several reasons, including the bad economy prevailing at the moment, it might be necessary to have a credit card with a high credit limit for you. Your credit score is affected by your credit utilization - with a low limit credit card, if you use your complete limit, it is a poor sign for your credit score. However, having a high limit credit card and using the relatively (percentage wise) lower amount, is a good thing for your credit score.

Step 1

Your credit score is just one important part of your application. However, other variables affect your application greatly, including your income at that time and your history with the credit card company.

Step 2

Choose a credit card company with whom you have a good relationship. This gives you a distinct advantage. You can also ask for credit cards at your banks, like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.

Step 3

If you believe your credit card limit is too low for your income, do enquire about increasing the limit. That said, be careful not to request too many credit line increases as any denial would be looked upon unfavorably.

Step 4

Since your income is a very important part of the factors deciding your limit, take steps to make sure your income is correctly communicated.

Step 5

Get quotes from different companies and compare the rates and limits. Choose a credit card with a high limit and not so high rate.


Check the rate to make sure it is not high It is much better to use a small percentage of a high limit card rather than the full amount of a low limit card. There is one EXTRA way to benefit from a big credit limit. If you have several debts, you can consolidate them on high limit credit card with low interest rates. That will allow you to pay off your debts faster and save money on interest. Having no debt will boost your credit score as well. Don't be scared to apply for a no pre-set limit card if you are a responsible customer. No pre-set limit cards have no credit limit to report, so one huge charge on the card, can make it the limit, if the company reports the highest balance as the limit. Let your favorite credit card company know about what credit limit you are being offered elsewhere and they usually would match it.


It is always not a good idea to owe lots of money to anyone, so spend wisely. Any credit usage of around 80% or above is huge trouble, and is considered maxing out on your credit limit. Credit bureaus look negatively at using more than about 33% of the credit limit Keep in mind that having a high credit limit is not a signal to use all of your available credit. By doing that you can exceed your credit limit and hurt your FICO score. A high credit limit does not stand for the UNLIMITED. Don't apply too many credit cards. That may be interpretted as being credit hungry.