How to Get a High Credit Limit Credit Card

How to Get a High Credit Limit Credit Card
Get a High Credit Limit Credit Card

Your credit score is just one important part of your application. However, other variables affect your application greatly, including your income at that time and your history with the credit card company.

Choose a credit card company with whom you have a good relationship. This gives you a distinct advantage. You can also ask for credit cards at your banks, like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.

If you believe your credit card limit is too low for your income, do enquire about increasing the limit. That said, be careful not to request too many credit line increases as any denial would be looked upon unfavorably.

Since your income is a very important part of the factors deciding your limit, take steps to make sure your income is correctly communicated.

Get quotes from different companies and compare the rates and limits. Choose a credit card with a high limit and not so high rate.