Let the Stars Be Your Guide to Earning Money

Everyone wants to get their side hustle going, a way to make a little extra money and perhaps even develop a new talent or have an outlet for their creative expression, but which side hustle to choose?

Why not allow the ancient art of astrology to help you to decide?

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With your essential element as fire and Mars ruling, seek additional employment in a fiery pastime such as glass making or beading work.


Earthy Taureans love the sensual side of life and would excel at arranging adult parties and selling naughty underwear.


This twin sign is the best muli-tasker in the zodiac, they have nimble minds and as sociable and popular people, a side hustle as a virtual assistant calls.


Like their symbol, Cancer can be spiky with a hard shell and sometimes prefer animals to people. Perhaps earn some extra dollars as a dog walker?


Leo's, as their lion sign symbol suggests, are 'the king of the jungle' and were made to be famous. Their natural talent and large ego suit a second career as a Youtube star!


Virgo is naturally drawn to helping others and find careers in service industries to be rewarding. Virgos would find satisfaction running their own massage therapy business.


Libra is a sociable sign they seek to find balance in the world and with their relationships with others and make excellent party and event planners.


Scorpios are passionate, intense people, often called the 'most powerful sign' they are mysterious and can never really be 'known' by others. They make excellent tortured artists.


Optimistic and naturally adventurous, Sagittarius are fun to be around and make each day an event, they are drawn to travel and exploration and can secure extra funds as tour guides in a range of exciting locales.


Those born under the Capricorn sign are known to be workaholics and must learn to balance work and home life. A side hustle might not be advised for this sign as they are probably already working overtime in their day job.


Aquarius are considered the zodiac leader and are industrious and experimental. They have the natural talents of an inventor.


Pisces are born healers and gravitate towards careers in medicine and social care. Side hustles could see Pisces assisting in medical centers, offering advice, or running art therapy sessions as they are also creative people.

The main reason many people seek out additional work as a side hustle is to bring in more funds, perhaps this year will see your fortunes improving, the answers are in the stars!