#freshstart2017: Lower Your Thermostat

Image Credit: Sage78/iStock/GettyImages

Little changes really do add up. Heating and cooling your home makes up a full half of your utility costs each year, so it's a wise place to start cutting back. It's not exactly the sexiest thing, but by lowering your thermostat a few degrees you can shave 10% off your bill -- that's big savings in big cities like NY and LA.

When you leave for the day, turn it way down to 65. If you're worried about your pets, don't be -- they have fur coats! Most thermostats have a timer function, and if yours doesn't there are cheap ones to be had.

When you get home, get crazy and raise it to a tropical 68. If you're cold, put on socks and a sweater, you'll be fine. Plus, what's better than cuddling up under a blanket and drinking tea?

You'll sleep better, your plants will thrive, and you'll save money.

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