How to Buy Stocks With a Credit Card

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Stockbrokers generally have a no credit card purchase policy. This policy is to protect buyers from over-extending themselves or investing money they cannot afford to lose. Stocks are not a risk-free investment and buyers should always remember not to invest more than they can afford to lose. However, as with most rules and regulations there are ways to circumvent them. Do you want to know how to buy stocks with a credit card?


Step 1

Open a checking account if you do not already have one.

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Step 2

Open a stock account with a local broker or an on-line broker if you do not already have one.

Step 3

Request a cash advance from your credit card company deposited into your checking account. If they will only pay off existing credit card balances using this method try the next step.


Step 4

Write a check

Make out one of the checks your credit card company sends periodically. These checks sometimes have lower interest rates for a specific period of time to encourage you to use them. Write the check to yourself and deposit it into your checking account.


Step 5

Ask your bank if there is a holding period on the credit card check you deposited into your account. If there is, wait the number of days before writing a check.


Step 6

Contact your stockbroker and place your order.


Step 7

Signing a stock certificate

Write a check from the credit card money you deposited into your checking account to pay for the stocks. If you use an online broker, you may need to transfer the money electronically before making your purchase.


Wait for a low interest rate offer. Make sure you can afford to lose the amount of money. Some companies offer direct-buy policies and you do not need a stockbroker. (ex. Wal-Mart, Johnson Controls, CMS Energy, MacDonalds)


Credit cards can charge high interest fees and cash advance fees.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card

  • Credit card checks or cash advance

  • Bank account

  • Stockbroker

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