How to Block Annoying Banner Ads

You don't have to resort to physical force to put an end to those irritating banner ads and pop-ups that can make web visits a pain. As of 2015, Adblock, Adblock Plus and Adguard all provided software to tame the banner ads. Adblock Plus allows more customization than the others.

Install Adblock

Adblock, an extension available for most browsers, identifies elements and images from advertising sources and hides them on the webpage. As of 2015, Adblock claimed it had more than 200 million downloads and blocked banner ads along with popups, video ads and flash games ads.

To get the extension on Chrome browser, click the Add to Chrome button here. To install it for Safari, Opera or Firefox, click Get Adblock Now on the Adblock website. If you do want to continue seeing ads on a particular webpage, click on the Adblock icon and select Don't Run on This Page.

Install Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus differs from Adblock in that you can customize what you want to block through a filter list. For example, you could decide to filter banner ads but allow the website to use tracking and cookies. Unlike Adblock, Adblock Plus remains an open source project as of 2015. Users can access the source code and make changes to customize the extension for their needs.

As of 2015, Adblock Plus had more than 300 million downloads and was available for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. To install it, click on the Install button on to the Adblock Plus website. If you do want to see ads on a particular page, click on the Adblock Plus icon and de-select Enabled on this Site.

Install Adguard

Adguard for Windows operating systems also offers anti-phishing and parental control modules. The anti-phishing module warns users when they may be on a fraudulent or malicious website. Parents can activate a control module to prevent children from accessing websites with sexual or adult content.

Unlike Adblock and Adblock Plus, Adguard isn't free. As of 2015, Adguard cost $19.95 a month and lifetime subscriptions were available for $39. You can purchase, download and install Adguard from the StackSocial website.


Some fraudulent websites claim to offer adblocking software downloads, but instead install viruses, worms or trojans on your computer. Use a trusted source, like, to verify a program is legitimate before you download it.