How to Become a Con Artist

How to Become a Con Artist
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Scamming, swindling and conning people is highly illegal. At best, if you get caught, you'll go to jail. At worst, the intended mark can turn violent. Weigh the risks and the rewards before you attempt any type of con.

How to Become a Con Artist. Tired of working for your money? Cheat the system and cheat other people by becoming a con artist! Scam and swindle your way to riches, using only your brain, your words and your winning smile. If you've got smarts, guts and a total lack of morality, the world can be yours for the conning.


Step 1

Be cool. The "con" in "con artist" stands for confidence. To be successful in your scam, you must be unflappable in any situation. Learn to lie with ease, coherence and smoothness.

Step 2

Dress the part. If you're running a banking scam, wear a suit. If you're a phony contractor, opt for worn work clothes. Whatever world you're attempting to infiltrate, it's vital you look like you belong there.

Step 3

Find a "mark." No matter what type of con you're attempting, it all comes down to finding the perfect person to pull it on. Study your victim--known as a "mark"--in order to learn everything and anything about him or her. The ideal mark is as trusting as he or she is rich.


Step 4

Plan ahead. A good con isn't improvised; it's carefully orchestrated from start to finish. Learn the ins and outs of your scam, and try to anticipate every contingency.

Step 5

Work fast. A good con artist always has a quick exit plan. Ideally, by the time your mark figures out he or she has been scammed, you'll be thousands of miles away. You need to exit your mark's life just as smoothly as you entered it.