How to Check a Company's Complaint Record

How to Check a Company's Complaint Record. When you're about to make a large purchase, it's wise to check a company's record. You have every right to demand great customer service. This advice is provided in conjunction with Feedback Direct (see Related Sites).

Step 1

Call, write or e-mail your local consumer affairs office or your state attorney general's office and request information about a company's complaint history. Know the exact name and the business address of the company you're inquiring about.

Step 2

Be specific about what information you request. It isn't enough to know the number of complaints that were filed.

Step 3

Find out the nature of the complaints if you can.

Step 4

Ask to look at the actual complaint files to learn more about the complaints and see how the company responded to them.

Step 5

Inquire about any special investigations of the company.


A high number of complaints against a small company may be more significant than the same number of complaints against a larger company.

Things You'll Need

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  • Pens

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