Ideal Job Alert: Chocolate Taster in Italy

Can you use a computer? Do you have any food allergies? That's it, those are the qualifications you have to pass for a job taste-testing chocolate at one of the world's most famous Italian companies.

Ferrero makes some of your favorite (usually high-calorie) indulgences, from Kinder Eggs to Tic Tacs to the OG delicious spreadable treat of your dreams, Nutella. Now, for the first time, the company is hiring 60 sensory judges not from within, but from applicants who are ordinary customers. If you're chosen, you'd need to move to Alba, a city in Italy's Piedmont region, near both France and Switzerland. Ferrero will run you through a three-month training course, focusing on both your senses of smell and taste and your knowledge of confectionary terminology.

Forty of the original 60 will be taken on full-time, while the remaining 20 will take part-time hours and be able to supplement their income with other work. (One option? Managing a historic castle you've been given, just saying.) Even the part-time position could pay off in the long run: Studies have shown that being well-traveled makes you way more employable, and Italy ranks 36th worldwide for young entrepreneurs living abroad.

We assume that fluency in Italian is also a requirement. If you're feeling this job posting, send an email to with the code RIF. ALB01 in the subject line. Don't worry about getting there either — with more and more discount airlines connecting Europe and the United States, you could be a hop, skip, and a jump away from the most delicious employment offer of a lifetime.