Your Smart Cars Should Get Equally Smart Insurance

New cars these days are tricked out — not in a Pimp My Ride sort of way, but in a "holy cow, look at all these safety features!" sort of way. It's now just expected that your vehicle will come with a video monitor for backing up, Bluetooth compatibility, and automatic braking systems. The idea is to keep drivers and passengers better equipped for the road. Unfortunately, car insurance hasn't been keeping up.

Instead, according to reporting by NerdWallet, the costs both of auto insurance and accidents have skyrocketed over the past several years. Add in the uncertain state of health insurance in the U.S. and owning a car seems to become more cost-intensive than ever. It's a frustrating development at a time when consumers are demanding (and getting) more energy-efficient vehicles and more transportation flexibility.

Insurers will tell you that one drawback to a new car's impressive upgrades is how much more expensive they are to replace. All those sensors and electronics add levels of complexity to formerly straightforward pieces of the vehicle, such as the bumper. Finally, proportionally, there just aren't as many of these smart cars on the road. Older models still vastly outnumber the new ones, and it may be a while before there's sufficient switchover.

Even so, it is more important that a safety component works on the road. Anything that brings down your insurance payments is a lovely bonus, if you have an inclusive plan, but make your purchase based on what protects you as much as you possibly can.