Instagram Is Your Best Untapped Source for Savings

Instagram: It's such an aesthetically pleasing social media obsession. Whether it's cute dogs, aspirational writing desks, celebrities being normal, or whatever your preferred poison, we love Instagram enough that we're on track to spend eight months on the service over the course of a lifetime. But while we all know about influencers, Instagram is also an excellent place to find under-the-radar sales and savings.

The Krazy Coupon Lady recommends scouring your favorite brands' accounts to stay on top of follower-only deals. This can go for anyone from national brands to Etsy stores and small businesses, depending on the company's social media savvy. She also recommends dipping into hashtags, especially the following:

  • #clearance
  • #sale
  • #discount
  • #deal
  • #coupon
  • #coupons
  • #couponing
  • #freebies
  • #extremecouponing
  • #freestuff

The photostream is one place to catch coupon codes as they go by (always check image descriptions too), but don't forget Instagram Stories for truly under-the-wire deals. "Many brands use Instagram for those last-minute sales, especially around the holidays," Patrice Williams of Looking Fly on a Dime told Apartment Therapy. Be sure to pay attention to Stories, then, since they disappear after 24 hours.

It's true that you can nab promotional partnerships if you've got a presence of your own. But if you don't have a massive following that makes your account appealing to advertisers (or the energy to manage that kind of lifestyle), you can still make out like a bandit on Insta. Even sponsored posts are sometimes worth not scrolling past. We spend about 15 minutes a day on Instagram — there's no reason not to make that work for you and your wallet.