58% of Republicans Think College Is Bad for America

In a pretty disturbing poll from Pew Research Center that was released earlier this month, 58% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents now say that college is bad for America. This is a massive departure from the numbers that were collected as recently as two years ago when only 37% of Republicans felt college and university was bad for the country.


When you take a look at Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, the numbers are shockingly different: 72% of them think college is a positive.

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Unsurprisingly younger Republicans are more in favor of college with 44% of them in favor, but that is still less than half the population.

As for why this change occurred, Talking Points Memo summed it up pretty well: "This striking switch among Republicans echoes a trend among conservatives of blasting 'PC culture' and 'censorship of free speech' on college campuses and taking legislative action against it."


Of course, turning the tide away from college also generally means less skilled employees and lower incomes for those employees. If Republican-opinion could change so quickly in only two years, how much further could it go in the next two? And what kind of repercussions would that have on enrollment, and subsequently the American work force?