Helping a Coworker in the Morning Will Kill the Rest of Your Day

Working together
Image Credit: AntonioGuillem/iStock/GettyImages

You get to the office bright and early, you're ready to dive headfirst into work, when all of a sudden your desk-mate asks if you can lend them a quick hand with a project. What do you do? Do you help them?

It can be hard to say no to requests like that but there's a new study being publicized by Michigan State University which proves what we've always thought in our heart to be true: helping coworkers in the morning, at the expense of your own workflow, can totally kill your day.

The study reads, "Helping coworkers in the morning can lead to mental exhaustion and self-serving behavior in the afternoon that ultimately can create a toxic work environment." We 100% believe that.

Basically, what it sounds like is that we get a little bitter when we help people in the mornings and it ends up throwing the rest of our workday off track. Not only does it throw our to-do list into a tailspin, the study indicates that it impacts how we act toward other people with whom we work.

So what does that mean, should we never help coworkers out again? No definitely not. It just means that we should be more in tune with our bodies, our exhaustion, our workload, and our feelings. The study also recommends that after helping someone else we take a little break and regroup before jumping into our own work. So next time you help someone out in the office, take a little break afterward. It might feel like you have no time for things like that, but they will be beneficial in the long-run.