3 Non-Food Items to Store in Your Refrigerator

Your fridge is likely a hodge-podge of condiments, beverages, fruits and veggies, but what about the non-food items you can (and maybe even should) be storing in your fridge? Here are a few everyday items that will live a much longer life if you give them a little time in the ol' refrigerator. And you'll save money because you'll have to buy them less.

1. Fresh cut flowers

Of course this isn't where you want to keep them full-time, but there's a reason why the flowers are in a refrigerator when you go to the florist — they last longer in there. So if you're giving flowers as a gift and have a window of a few hours before you pass them along, put them in the fridge. They'll look fresher when it's gifting time.

2. Batteries

You are told to store batteries in a cool, dark place so why not the refrigerator? Putting them in the fridge doesn't mean they'll live forever, but it does mean they'll keep their charge a bit longer.

3. Candles

Keeping candles in the fridge apparently makes them burn slower and drip less. Be sure to wrap the wick in foil or plastic so it doesn't absorb moisture, but candles in the fridge is generally a good lifehack to know.