What Do I Do With My Tag When I Sell My Car in Georgia?

Car tags or licenses plates don't follow the car, but the driver. When you sell your Georgia vehicle, plan what you'll do with the tags. Remember that all vehicles must be fully insured, registered and inspected to be on the road and carry a Georgia tag. In Georgia, tags are supplied by the county tax commissioner.


Selling a Car

Remove your license plate from your Georgia car before you sell it. Whether you intend to transfer your plates or return your plates, don't let the new owner drive away with them. Though the plates identify your car, they are registered to you and should only be used on a vehicle you own. You can either return, discard or transfer the plates to a new vehicle.


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Discarding Plates

If you have no use for the plates but don't wish to pay for mail, get rid of them. Don't plan to throw them in the trash, though. Someone else could pull them out and use them to illegally tag their car. Bring the plates to a place that recycles tags or aluminum. If there isn't one available in your area, cut it up yourself and throw away the pieces.


Returning Plates

Send the plates to:

Attention: Dead Tags Motor Vehicle Division P O Box 740381 Atlanta, GA 30374-0381


Include a note with the plates explaining you sold the car and have no more need for them. You can also send them to your local county tax collector, but make sure to include the same note.

Transferring Plates

Before you swap your old plate to your new vehicle, make sure it uses the same kind of plate. Car plates can't be transferred to a boat, for example. Motorcycles aren't large enough for vehicle plates and require a special one. The vehicle you transfer to must have a valid registration. You must fill out a Title/Tag Application with the new vehicle information, show your old plate registration and show your photo identification. Some places in Georgia allow you to take care of it by mail, but others require that you show up in person. There is a $5 transfer fee and a $1 mailing fee if you are receiving your tag certificate by mail.


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