How to Find Out What Dental Insurance Covers Invisalign

An invisalign is being put over a woman's teeth.
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Invisalign is an alternative to metal braces. The company claims that many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign. Some companies, such as Aetna, state they usually cover Invisalign but your individual employment coverage may be different, even if you have an Aetna plan. Call your insurance provider or speak with your dental professional to determine if your insurance will fund the technique. Be sure to ask specific questions, including the amount of coverage and how your insurer will pay for the procedure.


Ask for Details of Insurance Coverage

Ask your insurance company first if they cover orthodontic treatment. Additionally ask if Invisalign is a covered procedure. Be sure to ask the details of that coverage: specifically, what percentage of the cost your insurer will pay. Also ask if you have a deductible, or an annual or lifetime maximum on your coverage that will limit the amount your insurer will fund. If the Invisalign is for a dependent, make sure the coverage applies to that individual.


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Reimbursement or Direct Charge

Ask your dental professional whether they can charge your insurance directly for Invisalign. You may be required to pay the full cost up front and then request a reimbursement. Additionally, your insurer might have this information.