How to Get a Bank Statement for Official Purposes

Your bank should provide you with an official statement upon request.

An official bank statement may be needed for a variety of reasons. A lender may require one before closing on a loan or a university may require proof of sufficient funds to support an international applicant. Many countries also require an official bank statement when processing a visa application to ensure that the applicant has enough funds available to sustain himself while visiting the country. Obtaining an official bank statement is generally a simple process.


Step 1

Evaluate the requirements of the agency or institution requesting the official bank statement. Requirements will vary. If the bank is a domestic bank, for example, a statement signed by a bank representative may suffice; however, if your bank is considered a foreign bank, you may need a stamp or seal for it to be accepted as an official statement.


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Step 2

Contact your bank and inquire if there is a form you must use to request an official statement. If no official form is used, ask what information must be included in a letter of request, as well as where to send the letter and to whose attention.

Step 3

Complete the form if one was provided. If no official form was provided, draft a letter with the required information.


Step 4

Mail the form or letter to the appropriate address. You may wish to send the correspondence certified mail to provide proof of mailing.


Request your statement well ahead of the time you need it as processing times may vary.

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