How to Estimate Moving Costs

Step 1

Ask a representative of your chosen moving company to give you an estimate if you are using a moving company. Note what this estimate does or does not include.

Step 2

Estimate the size of truck or trailer you will need if you are moving yourself. Make a list of any extra equipment you'll need: dollies, furniture pads, tow bars, rental cars and packing materials. Call a truck rental company and ask for prices.

Step 3

Add in the cost of labor to help you pack and load if you don't do it yourself.

Step 4

Include the costs of moving your family members by air, train, bus or car.

Step 5

Remember to factor in lodging and gas costs if you will be traveling for more than a day.

Step 6

Add in the cost of food for the trip, as well as entertainment costs if you plan to sightsee while you travel.

Step 7

Include the cost of keeping things in temporary storage, if necessary.

Step 8

Add in costs for temporary lodging (such as a corporate apartment) if your new home is not immediately available.

Step 9

Add in the costs to transport pets, and delicate or special items. There may also be fees to disconnect or connect utilities, and insurance costs.