Do I Have to File for Unemployment in Kentucky if I Worked in Kentucky But Live in Indiana?

When you lose your job, where you file for unemployment benefits may or may not be the state in which you live. You are not required to file for unemployment in your state of residence. Instead, unemployment compensation is paid out by the state where you worked. If you have worked in more than one state, you may have your pick of where you can file for unemployment benefits.


Your 18-Month Employment History

When you file for unemployment benefits in any state, your unemployment award is based on your employment for the past 18 months. Usually this is referred to as the previous five quarters, not counting the current quarter. The first four quarters make up the base period for your unemployment benefits. The states you worked in during this period determine where you file.


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When You Must File In Kentucky

If all of your work history for the base period took place in Kentucky, you must file for unemployment benefits in Kentucky. This applies regardless of where you are currently living. You have an interstate claim because Kentucky manages your claim but you live in another state. If you worked in Kentucky and in Indiana, the unemployment agency in Indiana may require that you apply in Kentucky and get a denial before you can apply in Indiana. This can occur when you work more in one state than the other. For example, you may have one month of work in Kentucky and four months in Indiana. Neither state reveals the number of work weeks that trigger this requirement.


When You Can File In Indiana

If you worked in Indiana during some part of your base period, you can apply for unemployment benefits in Indiana. Working in both Indiana and Kentucky creates a combined wage claim. With a combined wage claim, your information from Kentucky is used in conjunction with your information from Indiana to create one unemployment claim in Indiana.


How To File

If you have to file in Kentucky, you can do so by phone or online. The number to call is 502-875-0442. To file online, use the Kentucky Office Of Employment And Training website ( You need your Social Security number, employment history for the past 18 months and your mailing address. To file in Indiana, you can use the Indiana Department of Workforce Development website ( Or visit your local WorkOne center to file in person. To file in Indiana, you need your 18-month work history, your Social Security number, your date of birth, your address and the reason you are unemployed.



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