The Average Cost of Electricity Per Month for One Person

As a single person, you're well aware of who is responsible for the charges on your electricity bill. So when your bill is unusually high, you may begin to wonder whether or not your electricity use is normal. Compare your bill to the national average to determine whether it's time to decrease your use.


Available Data

As of June 2011, no agency provides reliable data regarding the monthly electricity costs of one person. Census data from 2010 and U.S. Energy Information Administration data from 2009 provide insight, though. They reveal that the average American household has 2.58 people and pays about $104 per month for electricity.

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Using the available figures, the average household spends a little more than $40 per person for electricity each month. Factors such as the region you live in, the climate and how you use your appliances determine how much you actually spend as a single person. For instance, if you live in Hawaii, your electricity bill may average $79 per month based on EIA figures. If you have a lot of appliances and leave them running all day, you may pay even more.


Highest Costs

Your side-by-side refrigerator, water heater and air conditioner account for most of your home's electricity use, according to the Otter Tail Power Company. These appliances tend to run more often than others in any household, regardless of size. As a single person, you likely spend less to use appliances such as your clothes dryer and dishwasher since you produce fewer dirty clothes and dishes. Your lights may also account for less of your electricity bill than the average household, unless you habitually leave all the lights on in your home.


Reducing Your Use

Reducing your electricity use can be difficult as a single person since you already use a minimal amount compared to larger households. Still, it helps to use appliances only when necessary and to turn them off when you aren't using them. Switch your incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs and buy Energy Star appliances. Both steps cost money up front but save you money on electricity costs in the long run.


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