Can I Cash a Third-Party Check at PLS Check Cashers?

PLS Check Cashers is a check cashing company that operates in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Texas, California and Arizona. This company specializes in cashing payroll, government and personal checks for people who do not have access to traditional checking accounts, or who need to obtain cash quickly. Although this company cashes several types of checks, you cannot cash a third-party check at PLS Check Cashers in most cases.



A third-party check is made out to someone else, but the recipient makes payable to you. Businesses and individuals who issue checks to an individual intend for the money to be cashed by that individual or deposited in his account. However, instead of depositing the funds or cashing the check, the person whom the check was written to endorses the check, and makes it payable to you by writing "pay to the order of" and your name under his signature.


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Banks and check-cashing companies, including PLS Check Cashing, have important reasons for refusing to cash third-party checks. Although you may have witnessed the check holder endorse the check and sign it over to you, the representative at PLS Check Cashing has no way of verifying that the original check holder was the true signer. Refusing to cash third-party checks helps fight check fraud -- in the eyes of the check-cashing representative, you might have stolen the check from the original recipient and forged her signature on the back of the check.



Most check-cashing companies, including PLS Check Cashers,, will cash a third-party check if the original check holder endorses the check in front of the representative. The check holder will need to provide identification, such as a valid driver's license, and may also need to complete an application containing personal information, such as address, employer contact information and Social Security number. Obtaining this information helps establish the check holder's identity. However, if the check holder is present at the time of the transaction, there is little need for a third-party check -- the check owner can simply cash it and hand the money directly to you.


Other Options

If you are a customer in good standing with a bank and have a checking or savings account with that bank, you may be able to deposit a third-party check into your checking or savings account. However, not all banks allow deposit of third-party checks, and those that do determine whether they will offer this service on a case-by-case basis. Check with your bank teller or branch manager before depositing a third-party check.


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