How to Cash a Check With No Money Trail

Cash a Check With No Money Trail

Cashing a check without leaving a paper trail is easy, but often carries a significant expense when added up over time. Check cashing services usually charge between 3 to 5% for their services, and provide the cash immediately upon request. Some companies also provide cash advances on incoming paychecks in return for high fees and interest rates.

Step 1

Approach a check cashing center with a check from your employer. The cashier at the counter will then take your check, process it for identification and provide you with the cash while taking some money out for fees.

Step 2

Consider asking that checks be made out to someone else that you trust. Then, have that person deposit or cash the check. There will be no paper trail leading back to you.

Step 3

Compare and contrast the different check cashing services in your area. This business is highly competitive based on rates, so you may be able to find a better deal by shopping around.

Step 4

Avoid breaking laws against money laundering and tax evasion. Using a check cashing service is not illegal, but if it is used to launder money that has been involved in criminal transactions or to avoid taxes, using such a service to do so may result in legal penalties.

Step 5

Cash the check at the bank from which it was drawn. So as long as you provide proper identification, you should be able to cash checks in most amounts at that bank without needing to go to a check cashing service or paying any additional fees.