How to Endorse an Estate Check

Review the check to ensure that the writer made the check payable to the estate using its full legal name and not an abbreviated version. Insurance companies often refuse to honor checks that are deposited into accounts with titles that do not precisely match the payee line on the check. If necessary, contact the check issuer and request a duplicate check made payable to the estate's correct name.

Take your check to the bank that houses the estate account. Write the name of the estate, the amount of the check and the account number of the estate onto a bank deposit slip. Give the deposit slip to a teller along with one form of government issued identification.

Turn the check over and write "For deposit only" on the first endorsement line. On the second line, you must write the full legal name of the estate. On the third line, you must write "by," sign your name, and then write "executor."

Give the endorsed check to the teller and once the teller has verified that you are the executor of the estate, ask for your ID back and a copy of the receipt. As executor you may ask the teller to give you the account balance. Only the executor can deposit a check into an estate account.