How to Borrow Money Off Your Taxes From H&R Block

If you need money fast and can't wait on your tax refund, get an H&R Block Refund Anticipation Check to tide you over until your refund arrives. Qualified individuals can get up to $9,999 as a direct deposit, in the form of a credit card or as a check, and it is covered by the refund due them. Check with your local branch about fees, since they vary, and make sure that the money can't be accessed just as quickly via federal direct deposit of your tax refund.


Step 1

Bring your tax paperwork to an H&R Block near you. Kiosks operate at Wal-Mart during tax season, and you can find an office using the office locator at

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Step 2

An H&R Block rep does your taxes and tells you what your refund is.

Step 3

Ask the preparer to detail the fees for the Refund Anticipation Check. The cost of preparing the return also reduces your check if you choose to have that expense taken out.


Step 4

Agree to the terms, sign the form and determine how you want to receive your money. It can take eight to 15 days to get the Refund Anticipation Check. If you choose to get a MasterCard containing your funds, it will cost an extra $20.