How to Move to a Different Apartment in the Same Building Without Breaking the Lease

If you’re unhappy with your current apartment but not with the landlord and building in general, one logical solution is to simply move to another apartment in the same building. In some cases you can transfer apartments without breaking your lease agreement with the landlord. In this case you simply pick up where you left off in terms of the remaining months of the lease. The final decision in this matter depends on the landlord’s policies.

Review your current lease to ensure that it does not expressly prohibit changing units mid-lease. You may find this condition in the section or clause that describes the process of terminating a lease.

Visit the landlord in person to discuss your current living situation and the problems you’re experiencing, such as a bug issue or noise from another tenant nearby. Ask if the landlord offers a lease transfer option. The landlord's decision on whether to allow a lease transfer depends in part on your payment history and overall status as a tenant at the complex.

Determine if your landlord has a unit currently available that meets your needs. If not, ask to be placed on a waiting list. Transferring the lease is usually simpler if you take on a unit of the same size and rent price. However, the landlord may be more apt to transfer apartments mid-lease if you want to upgrade.

Pay any transferring fee required and sign a lease transfer addendum with the landlord. The transfer addendum keeps the current lease in tact but makes modifications to the terms, including rent price and unit location. Confirm a move-out and move-in date with the landlord.