How Many Weeks of Unemployment Do I Get in New York?

New York bases benefit payment amounts on an applicants previous income.

The New York State Department of Labor provides Unemployment Insurance to state residents and Untied States citizens out of work or facing reduced employment opportunities through no fault of their own. The state provides these benefits, in the form of weekly payments, for a limited time. The number of weeks an individual receives benefits for depends on the circumstances of each benefits recipient and choices recipients make regarding their benefits.


Benefits Period

The standard benefits period in New York State is one calendar year, divided into quarters. The New York Department of Labor bases the amount of a recipient's benefits payments on the amount of money made by each recipient during the base period, or four quarters preceding the quarter in which an individual files for benefits. For instance, if you file for benefits in May of 2011, you receive benefits until the end of April 2012, or for 52 weeks. The amount of benefits you receive hinges on the amount you made between April of 2010 and March of 2011.


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Weekly Benefits Payments

Though New York State residents may receive standard benefits for a maximum of 52 weeks, Unemployment Insurance recipients may only receive their full benefits payments for 26 weeks, or a period of six months. Three options exist for receiving benefits. Recipients can elect to receive full benefits every week for a period of six months or every other week for a full calendar year. Alternately, recipients can elect to receive half the full benefits payment weekly over the course of an entire year.


Extended Benefits Period

As a result of the financial crisis of the 21st century, the federal government teamed with state governments to offer Americans expressing difficulty finding full-time employment a period of extended benefits. The maximum length of extended benefits in New York State is 67 weeks. Thus residents of New York may receive a total of 93 weeks of benefits. Extended benefits fall into two categories, Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) and Extended Benefits (EB). When you exhaust your standard unemployment benefits, you receive EUC benefits for a maximum of 47 weeks, after which point qualified applicants may continue to receive EB for a maximum of 20 weeks.


More on Benefits

The NYS Department of Labor assesses Unemployment Insurance benefits on a weekly basis. All recipients must file with the Department each week to continue receiving benefits. Those who don't are cut off. If a recipient makes money from part-time employment, that money must be reported to the Department so it can adjust the benefit amount appropriately. Those who earn capital but don't report it to the Department of Labor risk being kicked off the UI benefit recipient roster.



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