How to Endorse a Canadian Check

Endorse a Canadian cheque the same way you would a U.S. check.

In Canada, a check is referred to as "cheque." You can endorse a Canadian check in the same manner you would endorse one in the United States. This safeguard prevents forgery and protects the integrity of your account information. Once you endorse your check, you will be able to deposit or cash it at a bank.

Step 1

Turn the check over so the back faces up.

Step 2

Locate the signature line. You will see a line preceded by an "X" at one end of the check.

Step 3

Sign the check. You can now deposit or cash the check at your bank. If you wish to endorse the check over to somebody else, write down your full account number under your signature on the back. Have the other person sign the check on the back. He can now deposit it into his bank account.