How to See If a Check Has Been Cashed

How to See If a Check Has Been Cashed
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Whether you need to confirm your balance or prove that a bill was paid, the issuing bank can help you trace a check in question and see if it has been cashed. You can usually investigate the status of a personal check through your online banking account, however, tracking a cashier's check requires customer service assistance.

Personal Check

Checking your online bank account is the fastest way to determine if a personal check you wrote has been cashed. If the check has been tendered, it will show up in your checking account activity, and the amount is deducted from your total balance. Most online banking systems also allow you to click on the specific transaction and view an image of the tendered check.


You may also contact your bank in person at a local branch or by telephone to see if a specific check has been cashed. Have all pertinent information ready to expedite the inquiry, such as your account number, the check number and the check amount.

Cashier’s Check

The issuing bank can investigate a <ahref="http:"" accounts="" q_iscashiersckcashed.html"=""> </ahref="http:>cashier's check to see if it has been cashed. Present the check copy you received when you purchased the check to the teller; the check serial number is needed to trace the check. Determining the status of the cashier's check can take anywhere from several minutes to a few days. The bank should give you a copy of the paid check as proof that it was cashed.