Do All Lease Agreements Need to Notarized?

Do All Lease Agreements Need to Notarized?
Notarizing an extensive lease agreement is key to securing your rights.

Notable Benefits of Notarization

Notary publics witness document signings to ensure the identity of the signers. Notarization of signatures helps prevent fraud and identity theft. In long-term rental agreements known as leases, notarization ensures that the landlord, renter and any guarantors or cosigners signing the contract do so of their own free will and have the authority to do so.

Multiple Year Leases

States may impose a notarization requirement on certain leases. For example, Washington and Ohio require that leases of more than one year have a notary seal. Washington requires notarization for a lease lasting more than 12 months and Ohio requires notarization for leases lasting longer than three years. Without a notary seal, lease terms that exceed one or three years in these states may be deemed month-to-month tenancies by a court.