About SR22 Insurance

A person who finds herself needing SR22 insurance likely understands the reason for the requirement but may not know exactly what SR22 means. Rather than being a specific type of auto insurance policy, SR22 is a form attached to a regular policy. Individuals with certain driving infractions are required to maintain the filing with the state.


An SR22 form on an insurance policy demonstrates your financial responsibility behind the wheel after your license is suspended or revoked. Because of the nature of the vehicular incident that caused a driver to lose his license, regular auto insurance is typically not a possibility. An auto insurance policy with the SR22 form filed with it ensures the driver is insured once he gets his license reinstated. The state is also able to keep up with the driver and ensure that he stays insured.


Each state sets its own SR22 filing requirements, including who needs this type of policy, how long the SR22 form must be filed and the minimum coverages on the auto insurance policy. Common infractions that result in a lost license and subsequent SR22 requirement include DUI, speeding and accidents when the driver is at-fault and doesn't have insurance. The policy itself is like any other auto insurance, but the company files the SR22 form with the state to prove that you have the minimum required coverage. If you cancel your policy, the company lets the state know.


Just like a regular auto policy, you need to get quotes from an insurance agent. Make sure the agent works with companies approved by the state to sell insurance that qualifies for the SR22 form. The agent will create quotes based on your driving record. She makes sure the policy she quotes has the minimum required coverages for liability and property damage as defined by the state. After finding a policy, you fill out the required application and paperwork like a normal policy. In addition, an SR22 form is filed with the policy.


SR22 insurance is usually required for three years after you get your license back, but your specific state sets the requirements for the length of SR22. Expect to pay more for an SR22 policy. Shop around with several different insurance agents to find the best price on your new auto policy. Allowing the policy to lapse may cause your license to be revoked again so it is essential to pay your insurance bills on time to keep the policy in force.