How to Work Part-Time and Get Social Security Disability

Notify Social Security of your plans. Social Security has work incentives in place to encourage the disabled to become self-supporting. You can work for nine months over a five-year period and earn in excess of $720 monthly for each of those months. Work within that framework until your time is exhausted.

Work while on extended eligibility for Social Security disability. Extended eligibility allows 36 months after your nine months of trial work have expired. You must earn less than $1,000 monthly to receive benefits during this 36-month extended eligibility. This gives you three years of part-time work when you can keep benefits and make less than $1,000, or if you make more than $1,000 one month, you can still claim benefits for other months. You can also notify Social Security of expenses related to your work, and Social Security subtracts some expenses from your total for the month. Use work expenses for any month you exceed the $1,000 limitation.

Use the Ticket to Work program for vocational rehabilitation and job training in your area. Social Security gives you a ticket to utilize sources for assistance in retraining and rehabilitation. Take advantage of the services while you work part-time, and prepare for your future as a self-sufficient individual.