Instructions for the Magic Wallet

A Magic Wallet provides slim currency storage.

A Magic Wallet is a slim wallet that secures your money with elastic bands. It is a quick and easy way for you to take out your money and put it away. Some types include different compartments for change and credit cards. The Magic Wallet can vary in size. Some are small and require you to fold your money before putting it in, while others are longer and can fit full sized bills. A Magic Wallet can make money transactions and storage easier and more discreet.


Step 1

Open your Magic Wallet. It can be opened from either side.

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Step 2

Fold the bills any way you prefer.

Fold your paper currency to the appropriate size of your Magic Wallet.


Step 3

Place your paper currency on top of the elastic bands of the wallet. It does not matter which side of the wallet you choose to put the money. Then close the wallet.

Step 4

Open your wallet again from the opposite side to the one you just closed. This takes just a moment and then you can close it again.

Step 5

Open your wallet from any side and you will see your money is now secured by the elastic bands.

Step 6

Slip the money out from under the elastic bands, when you want to use it. Close the wallet on any side when you are finished.