What Is IRS Form 4506?

The Internal Revenue Service maintains filed income tax returns for an undisclosed period of time and allows tax filers access to these returns through the submission of IRS Form 4506. In addition to Form 4506, the IRS also offers Forms 4506T and 4506T-EZ for similar purposes.


Form 4506

Form 4506 allows a taxpayer to access a complete income tax return. It includes the original IRS Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, and all forms and schedules that were attached to the 1040 for the designated tax year. It also allows a third party to receive a copy of the return. With written authorization, the form is also used to obtain copies of partnership or corporation returns as well as income tax records of the deceased. Obtaining the complete return requires a $57 payment.


Alternate Versions of Form 4506

Form 4506 also has two related forms, 4506T and 4506T-EZ. Both of these forms request free transcripts of an income tax return instead of a complete copy. The transcript of 4506T contains all of the data reported to the IRS during the tax year, but it is not formatted on the typical IRS forms. Form 4506T-EZ generates a transcript that contains most of your tax data but does not include penalties, payments or adjustments made to the return after filing.

4506 Instructions

Form 4506 requires the name and Social Security Number of the person making the request as well as the name and Social Security Number of spouses if the tax return was filed as married filing jointly. You must fill out your current address and specify the tax return filing address if the two are different. If your copy is being sent to a third party, list their information as well. List the return or returns requested. Calculate the total payment by multiplying $57 by the number of returns ordered. Sign your name and attach payment.


Uses of Form 4506

Form 4506 allows you to request a tax return copy to serve as proof of self-employment income or for other financial purposes. It is also widely used to provide your tax information to a mortgage company when requesting a loan modification. The agent is listed on Line 5 of Form 4506 as a third party receiver of your return and reviews the tax information provided to assess whether or not a modification is of benefit.