How to Negotiate a New Truck Price

Purchasing a new truck can be tricky. To avoid common pitfalls, plan and strategize. By doing this before you head to the dealership, you equip yourself with the power to negotiate the best price on your new truck.

Step 1

Decide on the type of truck you want to purchase, as well as all the options you want. Custom build your truck and check the pricing for amenities by visiting the truck manufacturer's website. Be sure to write down the costs for each extra item. You may need to refer to these costs later.

Step 2

Research to discover the "dealer cost" for the new truck. A car salesman will show you only the sticker price. He is not likely to show you how much the dealership paid for the vehicle. Determine dealer cost on websites such as Kelley Blue Book, USAA, Edmunds and TrueCar.

Step 3

Set the amount you would like to pay for the new truck. For example, you can set your price $3,000 below the sticker price. When setting your amount for the truck, consider whether you are using cash to pay for the truck or a loan. At a car dealership, "money talks." When you are paying for the truck with cash, you have greater bargaining power.

Step 4

Visit a local truck dealership that sells the vehicle you want. Tell the salesman the truck you want to purchase, the options you want and the price you are willing to pay. If you are paying with cash, advise the salesman of this.

Step 5

Negotiate up from the dealer cost. Don't negotiate down from the sticker price. Once you tell the salesman what you are willing to pay, wait for him to ask for a higher price. For every high price he quotes you, your rebuttal should be a lower price. Do not accept anything less than $1,500 off the sticker price.

Step 6

Ask the truck salesman to throw in a few extra amenities for free, if you agree to pay a little more than you originally intended. The cost for the amenities can add up quickly. Therefore, if you get several of them for free, you can get a good deal.

Step 7

Walk away if the truck salesman refuses to negotiate. Don't appear desperate. When the truck salesman realizes that he is about to lose a sale, he may lower the price. If he doesn't, visit another truck dealership that will.

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