How to Negotiate Prices on New Manufactured Home

Negotiate for an affordable price.

Successful negotiations lead to greater affordability when purchasing a new manufactured home. The amount of time and effort you spend during the negotiation period reflects in the final mortgage amount. Arm yourself with as much information as you can. Good data lends credence to your position in the negotiation process. Prepare to win your offer while at the same time, understand that a breakdown in negotiations can occur. Negotiate for positive results with a winning attitude.


Step 1

Read as many manufactured home appraisal guides as you can find. These guides will help you determine the value of new manufactured homes in your area. Take advantage of the wealth of information available at a library or online.

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Step 2

Define the maximum amount of money you can spend to purchase a home. Conduct negotiations on a home with a purchase price that comfortably fits your budget.


Step 3

Persuade the dealer to quote a total cash price. Use that price as your starting point for negotiations. Do not make any offers until the dealer quotes you a total purchase price.

Step 4

Listen to your budget and not the home seller. Keep an eye on total costs as they relate to a total monthly payments. A "time out" during negotiations can work in your favor. Check with your lender and review mortgage payment schedules for specific purchase amounts.



Step 5

Avoid falling in love with a home. Be prepared to halt negotiations if you disagree with any part of the process. Wide markups exist on manufactured homes and the amount varies from dealer to dealer.


Do not put any money down, for any reason, on a manufactured home. Wait until all purchase and delivery documents are complete, financing is in place and everything awaits your signature.


Walk away if you feel you're being pressured to make a decision.

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