How to Find Out My Dates of Employment

A job application asks for employment information, such as past employers and the respective employment dates. Before hiring you, a prospective employer may do a background check on you. If the information on your job application differs significantly from what the background check reveals, the employer may question your integrity. Knowing your dates of employment shows that you are professional; therefore, take the necessary time to obtain the relevant information.


Step 1

Hire a background check company to run a background check on you. Your fee depends on the comprehensiveness of your search. If you only need your employment dates, request a past employer search only. A background check can also reveal substantial information, such as medical, court, military, civil, criminal and driving records, credit history, personal references, neighbor interviews, property ownership and education and drug test records.

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Step 2

Go to the Social Security Administration website and search for form SSA-7050-F4, Request for Social Security Earnings Information. Request the Detailed Earnings Information and state the years the search should span. Use the enclosed fee chart to determine your cost, which depends on the amount of years you request. Send the form and your payment to the appropriate address included on the form.


Step 3

Request your employment dates from your past employer. Your previous employer probably still has your job application on file, which includes the employment dates you gave when you applied for the job. Your past employer may also have a copy of the background check it performed on you, which might include employment dates.


You can contact your state labor department for a copy of earnings submitted on you. The department requires an employer to perform wage reporting on all the employees it pays wages to. This route does not give specific employment dates, only the time frame (such as quarterly), associated earnings and the employer that submitted it.

You can check past W-2s. Your W-2 includes the employer that prepared it and the respective tax year. Call the IRS for a free W-2 transcript, or complete and fax or mail Form 4506-T to the IRS.


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