How to Determine If You Are 100% Total & Permanent on Veterans Disability

If you served in the military and are disabled, then you may be eligible for either a VA compensation or pension disability benefit. The way that VA benefits are awarded are based on percentage rating of your disability, which the VA determines when it processes your claim and awards you your monthly benefits. If you are rated 100% totally and permanently disabled on either a pension or compensation, you are entitled to certain health care benefits that others are not, such as free dental care. If you want to determine if you are 100% total and permanent on Veteran's disability, all you have to do is compare your monthly earnings to the VA disability rating charts.

Step 1

Locate the VA disability benefits tables on the Veteran's Affairs website. Determine whether you have a compensation or pension. A compensation is for veterans whose disability was acquired while in military service, whereas a pension is for veterans whose disability wasn't necessary acquired while in military service, but renders them unemployable and with a low income.

Step 2

Select the most current table (year) for your disability benefit type.

Step 3

Locate your monthly income amount on the table. The disability rating will be listed beside it.


Veterans with dependents receive more money than those who do not have dependents.


Notify the VA of any change of income if you receive a VA pension because you may be penalized later and have to pay back money if you are overpaid.