What Types of Water Damage Claims Are Covered by State Farm Insurance?

Water pipe.
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If you have State Farm homeowners insurance, it will protect you from a number of different types of water damage. If you are experiencing water damage in your home, you may want to file a claim to get the problem taken care of. While this type of policy will not cover floods from the outside, many other types of water damage would be covered.


Frozen Pipes

Cold pipes.
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One of the most common types of water damage occurs as a result of frozen pipes. During the winter, State Farm processes a number of claims that occur because water pipes freeze and burst. When this happens, it can damage your flooring, your walls, your furniture and other personal belongings. The insurance company should step in and pay for most of the damage to your house. You will have to pay a deductible, but beyond that, State Farm will generally pay for the rest of the damage.


Appliance Issues

Washer and dryer with clothes in front.
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Another common scenario that results in help from State Farm is when an appliance breaks. For example, if your dishwasher or your washing machine breaks and the water runs out into the floor, this would be a scenario that is covered by your State Farm insurance. Supply lines on the backs of these appliances can wear out and form leaks. When this occurs, a large amount of water could get out into your house. It can cause a great deal of damage and State Farm will generally cover it unless the company can prove that you were negligent in taking care of your appliances.


Roof Leak

Leaking roof.
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If your roof leaks during a storm and water ruins the inside of your house, this is a scenario in which State Farm will generally cover a portion of the damage. Most of the time, the company will not cover the roof leak as this is an issue that is related to maintaining your house. The exception to this would be if a storm ripped off shingles and formed a hole in the roof. The damage to the inside of the house, including flooring, walls and furniture, will generally be covered by State Farm.


Fish Tank

Orange fish in a home fish tank.
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Another type of water damage that could occur is when a large fish tank breaks. When this happens, a large amount of water could immediately rush onto your floor. Glass would also be everywhere and could be dangerous. State Farm will usually cover this type of accident as it could do quite a bit of damage to the interior of your house.