How to Extend the Lease on a Nissan

When you lease a new vehicle at a local Nissan dealership, the financing goes through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, or NMAC. As your lease period draws to a close, you will get communication in the mail from NMAC to remind you that the lease period is coming to an end and to let you know of your options. NMAC gives lessees three options. You can return the Nissan, you can get a new Nissan or you can keep the car. Traditionally, keeping the car means purchasing it, but NMAC does allow for lease extensions as well.


Step 1

Look on a recent NMAC lease statement or on the communication you received from the company to get the customer service phone number.

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Step 2

Call the NMAC customer service phone number.

Step 3

Ask for a lease term extension. As long as you are not in default and have made all of your lease payments on time, NMAC can extend your lease for an initial term of six months.


Step 4

Request a lease extension agreement if you want to keep your Nissan lease for a period longer than six months. NMAC allows a lease extension agreement to be signed for a period of up to one year, provided your account has remained in good standing for the duration of the lease.


Step 5

Sign your lease extension agreement when it arrives and return it to NMAC. You can then continue making your lease payments for the new extended lease period.



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