What Is a Chum Number for FHA?

CHUM numbers are digitally generated case numbers assigned to mortgage applications.

The Federal Housing Administration, a division of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), provides mortgage insurance for qualified borrowers. CHUM is the computerized system the FHA uses to track applications for single family mortgages.



CHUM stands for "Computerized Homes Underwriting Management." This is the system the FHA uses to automate the mortgage application process from assignment of the case number to endorsement.

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The CHUM number, or case number, is assigned to property addresses. Users request a case number in order to identify and follow their mortgage application.



The CHUM system collects personal information from users. This information includes address, social security number, email addresses and other identification data. The data is collected for the purpose of determining the credit-worthiness of potential borrowers.



Case numbers are required to be obtained through electronic means, specifically the CHUM system. Case numbers will be given over the phone only under specific circumstances.



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