Cheap Ideas for a Basketball Awards Banquet

Don't throw an old basketball away; use it for an awards banquet.

It is a longstanding tradition for junior high and high school sports teams to hold an awards banquet at the end of the year. However, in this age of budget cuts and other financial issues, you may not have the funding you might like for your basketball team's banquet this season. If this is the case, do not fret. With a little ingenuity and some help from the kids on your team, you can put together an awards banquet they will continue talking about for years.


Video Highlight Reel

If you have parents who enjoy recording games on their camcorders or digital video cameras, collect videos and have computer-savvy members of the team collaborate to create a highlight video using your school's computer lab. Because this has inherent educational value, you may be able to arrange for the students to receive school credit for doing this as part of an independent study program.


Video of the Day

Mock Awards

If your budget is insufficient for having awards and certificates professionally made for the team, have members of the team create mock awards and distribute them at the banquet. These humorous awards could include titles such as "Most Likely to Miss a Free Throw" or "Most Likely to be Distracted by a Cheerleader."


Basketball Centerpieces

Have you been holding on to old basketballs, wondering whether you should throw them out? Use them as centerpieces for the tables at the banquet. Have members of the team personalize the centerpieces by using permanent markers to write funny quotes or memories from the season.


Hold the Banquet in the Gym

Rather than renting a costly banquet hall, hold the awards banquet in the school gym. Tape butcher paper over the floor to protect it before setting the tables up. The members of the team spend much of their time in the gym anyway, so they should feel very much at home attending the banquet there. If your budget allows, purchase reusable floor covering made from a durable material such as rubber.


Gift for the Coach

If you are a member of a school basketball team, do not neglect the coach at your awards banquet. Have a large version of the official team photo matted and framed. The team's departing seniors can present the photo to the coach, and each senior team member can say a few words about his or her memories from the past four years.