What Is Nonfinancial Debt?

Corporate debt is often traded on secondary markets, usually in the case of larger companies.
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Non-financial debt consists of credit instruments issued by governmental entities, households and businesses that are not included in the financial sector.


Financial and Non-Financial Companies

Financial companies include commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, finance companies, mortgage lenders and investment firms. Examples of non-financial companies or entities that are non-financial and, therefore issue non-financial debt are manufacturing companies, service companies, government entities and households.

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Examples of Non-Financial Debt

Debts are contractual obligations to repay monetary loans, often with related interest expense. Non-financial debt includes industrial or commercial loans, Treasury bills and credit card balances. They share most of the same characteristics with financial debt, except the issuers are non-financial. They have maturities ranging from one day to perpetuity, and can be used as loans to finance a company's growth. Companies can also use more sophisticated debt instruments for hedging purposes.