What "Gilmore Girls" Has Taught Us About Money

Gilmore Girls taught us so much during the early-2000s: Don't put off picking up your dry cleaning, never eat clams at a restaurant named Al's Pancake World, and coffee makes literally everything better, just to name a few. But scratch the surface a little more, and you will find a wealth of sound financial advice from our favorite residents of Stars Hollow.

Being financially independent is extremely important and courageous.

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Let's revisit the backstory: Lorelai Gilmore found herself pregnant with Rory when she was just 16 and she showed real character by deciding to leave her wealthy parents and make it on her own (well, there were many issues that caused her to leave home, but still — not many people would abandon that security). So what does she do? She makes it work. She found a job as a maid at the Independence Inn. She lived in what was basically a shed on the grounds of that inn. And by the time the show opens, she's managed to secure a comfortable lifestyle for herself and Rory.

Save, save, save.

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Oh, Kirk. So "quirky" with his plethora of jobs. According to one article he had more than 62 jobs total throughout the run of the show. And you know what, it pays off! In Season 5, we learn that Kirk has saved up around a quarter million dollars. So, be like Kirk: Do the work, save the money. (But maybe move out of mom's place at some point.)

Borrowing money often comes with strings.

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If you're ever considering a getting a personal loan from a friend or family member, just know that you might be expected to show up for dinner every Friday night. Oh, and they might have things to say about how your live your life. And those nights you can't make it to dinner? Hoo-boy, you better be prepared for an explanation. This reminds us all that when you borrow money, make sure to lay out the terms of the agreement: When will you pay them back? Will you pay interest? What are you using the money for?

To get ahead, you need to take a risk.

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The Gilmore Girls took risks, yes, but they were calculated. Opening an inn of her own with Sookie was a risk, but they did it with the support of Luke's loan, and they brought loads of experience to the business.

Money can't buy happiness.

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At the end of the day, Gilmore Girls shows us that friends and family are the most important things. Did growing up upper class make Lorelai happy? Nope. Was she happy when she and Luke moved into that big, historic home? Nope. And was Rory happy with one of the wealthiest guys on campus who offered her a life of ease and security? Nope. Follow your passions and dreams, and make sure you bring your loved ones along with you for the journey.