How to Get a TransUnion Security Freeze Removed

How to Get a TransUnion Security Freeze Removed
A security freeze means anyone trying to open an account in your name will be denied.

Removing the Freeze

You can remove your TransUnion security freeze online, over the phone or by mail. The quickest way to lift it is online. Go to, log in or register, and follow the prompts requested. To take care of this by phone, call 1-888-909-8872. You’ll need to provide your Social Security number and security freeze PIN, as well as the start and end date of the freeze. Lifting it by mail requires you to complete the Lift section of the security freeze form that TransUnion sent after you requested the action, and mail it to the address listed there.

Check the Cost

If you want to remove the TransUnion Security Freeze permanently, you don’t have to pay anything. Fees to lift the freeze temporarily -- if you want to apply for a mortgage loan but then want your account restricted again, for example -- vary by state. Some have laws that mandate reduced or free services. If not, the fee is generally $5 to $10.