How to Write a Debt Dispute Letter; Debt Dispute Letter Sample

Sample Debt Dispute Letter

If you are being wrongfully hassled by a creditor, you should take time to write a professional debt dispute letter in order to stop the unnecessary phone calls. If a creditor is trying to get you to pay for a bill that isn't in your name, or belongs to someone with a similar name, a debt dispute letter may be the only way to stop them from hassling you for money.

Step 1

First off, the "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act " gives individuals the right to dispute a debt through writing. By simply following a debt dispute letter template, individuals can in fact, successfully dispute a debt.

Step 2

Once the collector receives your dispute letter, their company must put the debt on hold, stopping all phone calls, until the debt has been fully investigated. The company is required to prove that the debt does in fact belong to you.

Step 3

When writing the letter, it's best to be specific about which account you are disputing, including a copy of your credit report or bill, which has been sent to you. You must also include your current address and contact info so that the company can reach you regarding any questions during the investigation.

Step 4

Lastly, if the debt was in fact found accurate, the creditor must send a formal reply to your "debt dispute letter." This reply must contain the information proving that the debt does in fact belong to you. Otherwise, if found inaccurate your information will be removed, as if the debt was never even there.